Local Cto Connectivity Quality


Well I started this thread so that new users will have a info which area's CTO is reliable etc..My CTOI am from andheri east , Mumbai and my CTO, Rohit Internet services (aka 3star) , provides a very good stable connection.In the last five months I have had only 1 major disconnection (for 3 -4 days)due to CTO when a switch here went bust. Apart from that I have had no problems whatsoever...And whenever the connection went down , it was due to Pacenet. Also he does not charge any maintenance charges and the rates for renewal packs are less than the site rates...The downside is that he provides me only 2 operators Pacenet and Sify. It would have been good if other providers were present in my area , just to have a choice. And also the LAN here has been split :( so no more CS on LAN.


cto ssv cable in navi mumbai gives good uptime, service and no extra monthly charge ( except package rate) they do block dc++ and other p2p programs though :( but they have blocked ports even for people on same lan and now virus spreading is not a issue here :D8/10