Sify Broadband Terms Of Use


Sify and MTNL
Ok, I was a bit curious and decided to check the terms of use for Sify Broadband. Those interested may check here:

Here's a few points I found a little interesting:

1. Point 25: The Customer agrees that the Broadband service is a single PC connection. SIFY shall not be responsible for any downgrade of service due to re-distribution by the Customer.
I think this means that you may use NAT for your home network legally, just that Sify will not be responsible for the slow speeds in that case.

2. Point 26: The customer agrees that SIFY shall not be liable for Service downgrades where the ‘last mile connectivity’ is not provided by SIFY. The responsibility of ensuring ‘last mile connectivity’ shall be on the last mile connectivity network provider like Cable TV operator, DID etc and SIFY’s responsibility shall be limited to ensure service till the Point of Presence of the last mile network operator.
Convenient way to place blame. But to their credit they have taken blame at most times whenever there was a problem with connectivity.

3. Point 32: The service is exclusively for Home usage and not for commercial usage. Usage for more than 6 hours per day shall be commercial usage. Sify reserves the rights to disconnect the service without prior intimation, if the usage is found to be commercial.
This is an outrageous condition, mainly due to the 6 hours bit. I use the internet connection almost 24x7

Finally, they have a responsible usage policy which limits all packs to 150 MB per day. This is probably evidence of the fact that the terms of use are outdated since they have already introduced pure unlimited packs that do not have any download limits.