Hathway Disconnection


hey guys,
read quite a few issues about hathway in here but did not find anything similar to the problem i am facing.
So here it is:

Short story: I get a lot of request time out's to my gateway ONLY when i am downloading or browsing. It lags on voice conversations, pages freeze while browsing and downloads get interrupted in case i get a lot of request time outs.

Sigh. the longer version:

Got hathway cable on 1st january 2006, 64 kbps unlimited to start with. Knowing how service is in India i wanted to check if they gave me all the right stuff first. I was quite happy in the start cause downloads were great and i had no problem browsing on chatting on yahoo or skype. Towards the end of the month i noticed hat voice conversations were lagging. I did a check on download speed and it was still around 5-7 kbp at most times. Since I also noticed an issue with some pages freezing while loading I ran a continuous ping to the gateway and noticed a few request time outs.

Called up customer support at hathway and got someone who didnt know what a ping request was. got a complaint number tho and a promise that they would check on their end.

around the same time my voice convo's stopped and internet usage at home reduced so i didnt notice the issue much. called hathway again a month later with the same issue got someone who tried a few basic things like restarting the modem and he said he would have to forward it to this engineers. well nothing happened .

10 days back i called again cause the voice convos were getting real bad and i noticed that Only when i tried to download something or browse i recieve request time outs to the gateway(sometimes 5 in ten are time outs). Thought this would help them. but this further confused the cust support. i called three times that night and got the same guy three times(he refused to let me talk to his TL).
eventually he filed a report to his engineer.

So the engineer from local office calls me up and i tell him the exact problem again tell me he would send someone over. After two days of calling the local office i was given the cell no's of some wiring guys who are in my area. They come over do some changes to the modem wiring and say they say their part is fine and give me another number.

This number is for the a engineer at the local cable office and his first suggestion is the 64 kbps unlimited plan is too low and i should switch to a higher plan. I have a friend who has voice convo's on 40kbps so thats a crappy suggestion. Then he tried to set me up on USB to see if that works. SO i ran the setup with him and still the same problem. He tells me do only one thing at a time.
MAN I am just doing one download at 6 kbps and a ping to gateway. am i calling hathway broadband or dialup? So he couldnt figure it out and said he would check the connection and get back to me. So have to wait till tuesday.

I should mention that I have been using a new computer for the last 15 days.
Any suggestions guys? i dont think it should be timing out on a 64 kbps speed. what do you think?
Also I am in the andheri(w) versova area, gateway anyone else there having the same problem?

Thanks and regards,


Hi Kautuk. I dont think the problem is on your side. From what you have written, it makes complete sense that Hathway is playing mischief. I myself am going thro lot of troubles coz of Hathway. Going to help line wont help. They have dummies behing phone who dont know more than A to Z, and 1 to 10. You better take it up with higher authorities. If you find time, try going to Parel, and get hold of them. Hathway is taking it's customers for a ride.


well the update is that on wednesday one of their engineers came home from office with a replacement modem and tried that from my place to see if it is a modem issue. Still the same issue.Now the next thing he wants to do is get a laptop and check it out from a different machine. I informed him him that I have already tried it on two different machines and still the same issue and asked him will be next if its still the same. No amswer except "We will have to check, Sir". Also he added that hathway provides only one laptop to be used between santacruz and kandivli so it will take time. Take time even to know when the laptop will be available.Btw i talked to friend of mine in the meantime in powai and he had the exact same issue with another provider in his area. It seems he and his local provider had to go around with a laptop to each connecting switch to find out where the fault was occuring. It turned out to be a faulty switch because the electricity in the bldg was fluctuating.I am now only in contact with the local guy here(7 bunglows, andheri(w)) and the engineers over there. Yup the phone guys dont know much but its hathways fault for not ensuring their competency or giving them the right knowledge.Thanks for the advice. wil surely got to parel if it dosent get sorted.Thanks and regards,Kautuk


DUDE...on 64kbps.....how can u think of getting all stuffs.....voice conversation requires atlest 256kbps net.......also hathway blocks voip port.....at start u might b getting good speed..........but that r all settings being done.........after that ull get wht u pay for.....on 64kbps...u can get max 8kBps download speed.......overalll....so if download is on other thing will stop.......


I had Hathway before and I really don't recommend them, either for the webtime or direct. Like magnet said, you can't expect to get unlagging voice conversations as I used to call everyday to the U.S. and it lagged on me. Secondly, port blocking is another feature which further slows down download. At least get 128kbps and that would do some good, better yet try to switch to another provider. If that is not an option, then take it up all the way to the top level and then see how fast things get resolved ;).


well thats true that hathway blocked port. and they r famous for that :) i dont think that 64 kbps connextion is not sufficient for voice chat through messenger . dude i have done it many time voice chat on 64 kbps n there was no probz.n regarding request time out issue then it can be arise from hathway end only.. there is no concern with ur comp n ping issue. just go to lower parel office n talk to them. they ill solve ur probz. wen channel is no configure properly that time request time out error cums . if it wont work then tell me i will give u director no. RegardsJimz