Problems With Yahoo Msngr Voice Chat


Hi,My friend recently got MTNL broadband connection at their house. Its working fine and speed is also good.Connecting voice chat thru Yahoo msngr (version 7 and above) works and it gets connected. They can hear my voice CLEARLY but all I get from their side is disturbance & not a single word is heard by me.I'm in the US and using DSL broadband connection thru cable. The voice chat at MTNL end works fine with a person in Singapore.Is it an issue with the modem?Any pointers will be appreciated.TIA


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Yahoo's voice kinda sux in this regards...Prefer to Use Google tallk or Skype which def offer much superior voice quality...


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Skype should be better...but if u don't want to be in front of the PC then ask ur folks to use VoipStunt...really good voice quality, unlimited free calls to US/Canada landlines and mobiles...u just need to buy credits worth 10 euros (Rs. 550/- approx.) which will serve u for 3-4 months...give it a try and u won't repent...enjoy!!! :D


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WE Hindustaanis always look for something free

"Jab Koi Muft me de to paisa kyon de" :lol:

Anyway we always find one.Try ;)
its a voip club were they let you try voip calls for free to
many of the landlines of mostly western countries, along
with this provide you non geographical UK numbers, the
funda is simple get some incoming calls on that UK No to
fund your outgoing calls . They usually provide sip settings
for making calls you have to download softphone like Xlite
and sj phone to make it work for you.
for more queries read there forum.Its best for anyone having
relative in UK for rest its just too good.

Happy Calling ;)


i hv no relative abroad :( :( yaar i was talking about free pc to phone calls within india.


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In the US, i understand ppl pay a flat fee per month for unlimited calls within the country. Compare that to Rs 1.20/min for landlines to mobiles here. For cheap rates u gotta pay a high monthly rental. Zero-rental plans have higher call rates. I'd rather they come out with an unlimited plan for local calls rather than STD at 1Re/min.


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QUOTE(mystery_inc18 @ Apr 27 2006, 06:00 PM) [snapback]49436[/snapback]
i hv no relative abroad :( :( yaar i was talking about free pc to phone calls within india.
Mate there should not be any thing like
free in india i am not in favour of it B)
Why so because when its free people misuse it and talk silly cum unwanted
Instead rates should me cheaper take at just 10paisa/min however if
free then these free (or welle loki is what we call in punjabi) people
will kill you with there boring talk. Alreday fed up of the mistake i took with
TaTa walky and hope that like reliance they will also end it. :) :)