Can't Connect net with Red Hat Linux & Huawei

I have BSNL broad band(256 kbps) & Huawei's SmartAX MT 882 external modem(What they give).Through Windows Xp I can connect net finely. But always I wanted to use Linux which extremely powerful and secured by itself. In my machine Red hat 8 is there.The problem is that:At the first boot it detected the modem & I pressed 'configure' it configured automatically.In the 'hard browser' ->'modems' it also displayed the modem.But when I run '#wvdiaconf create' which displayed 'Sorry!no modem found'. I tried to installed the linux driver given with driver cd there also 2 errors found.I tried to configure by 'network Wizard' but could not make the connection active. So plz forward any suggestion, if any protocol implementation Or Different Linux Version/distribution requered, as early as possible.