Recent updates on Swine Flu (H1N1) and Preventions



remember that baxter had accidently sent contaminated h5n1 samples with normal flu
Virus mix-up by lab could have resulted in pandemic - Science - Health & Science - The Times of India

and now we have swine flu.

look at these coincidences

Imperial Valley News - Pandemic Flu Exercise Proves Worthy Drill
WalesOnline - News - Wales News - Testing our readiness for a global flu pandemic

Army: 3 vials of virus samples missing from Maryland facility -

just before the outbreak.

how can a zoological virus mix animal bird and human virus and pop up out of nowhere?
and oh no swine flu in pigs
Mexico's Agriculture Department said Monday that inspectors found no sign of swine flu among pigs around the farm in Veracruz, and that no infected pigs have been found yet anywhere in Mexico.

this stinks to high heaven

what a good way to divert from the financial crises.

o all you skeptics who laugh at alex jones,he said that the globalists are going to do a bio attack soon and voila it happened.
watch his documentary endgame:blueprint for global enslavement

the elite want to kill 80-90% of the pop and this has started

video march 6 7part


after the swine outbreak
9 parts

H1N1 Swine Flu - Google Maps


[video=youtube;morpsu1v31M] WHAT DID I TELL YOU!.No one has the balls to reply cuz you all are nothing but girly men.NOW face the consequences.
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The Global Village Idiot
im going to watch "endgame" coz im scared shitless :eek:


:hysterical:Holy cow Do you even sleep at night or do you keep a vigil, just in case super secret world police come to kidnap you.


i check alternative news daily and laugh as much as you want cuz when you die of the flu then you will realize that i was telling the truth.anyways this flu is prolly a psy ops training drill or a diversion,not many people have died.


oh look now Rt army general saying[video=youtube;fvoG-2ZotnU]
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Till now India is free from for the deadly swine flu. Now India will work on developing a vaccine for the deadly swine flu. The decision was taken during a high level meeting.

ICMR director general Dr V M Katoch said, "It is a high level exploratory meeting between experts from NICD, NIV, ICMR and several vaccine manufacturers to see whether India can embark on creating a vaccine against H1N1."

He added, "The decision on the strategy will be taken on Tuesday. We will discuss with all prospective vaccine manufacturers whether they have the capability and the technology to undertake the ambitious project."

He said that while the short-term strategy would include a plan of action to tackle the outbreak of a pandemic, like the one this year, the long-term method would focus on creation of a vaccine and vaccination of a select population.

Katoch said that the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, will send the strain of the H1N1 virus to help in the research work.