Say No to 50% reservations fir OBCs in IITs and II


Sign in this petition and help in stopping the near 50% reservation for OBCs in IITs and IIMs (pass this link to as many people as you can)

I am not against backward class people. But let them compete with everyone else and if they cant pay the fees bec they are from backward class, waive their fees off.

But why the hell give them reservation in seats and reduce the number of seats to the more deserving people who work hard for years just to get into IIT's and IIM's? :angry:

Backward class people means they cannot afford to pay but if they have brains then they can compete with everyone get selected and then other students/organisations/government can pay their fees...


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if only our news channels were more interested in this rather than salman khan going to jail.


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i too completely agree.i would also like to add that even i belong to a reserved catagory and am able to get reservations in some places.but i am completely against it and i dont like it at all. if you want to give a fair treatment to all, do it so by having no reservations. with these reservations instead of giving fair treatment to the reserved people, they are being unfair to the other people.


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I have a feeling this is being done to get as many votes from the SC/ST's as possible with elections(i forgot which one,lol) approaching in some states coz Congress is feeling the heat with the demolitions and sealing of unauthorised shops in Delhi and fear of the same happening in other cities too. So they're resigned to the fact that the middle n upper class ppl will be pissed. And the other political parties dare not oppose the bill for obvious reasons. It's just pathetic...the dirty games these politicians play.