Man, I am in deep shit with Dataone Bills. Help!


Hi all,I am a user of Dataone 500 since June 04. To my great inconvenience, they had not been billing me regularly all this time - and 2 months back, slapped me with the bill for the entire period from June 05 to December 05. I paid the 6000 odd rupees phone + dataone bill, albeit with some difficulty.Now this months bill is 7000+. Telephone charges are minimal. It apparently includes 'Usage charges' for July, August and September, which has come to the tune of 4500 rupees. I am completely sure I did not exceed the 1 GB cap in my normal usage time (ie, 8 am - 2 am) - I used to collect the data from the Dataone site, and save them in excel sheets - separately records between "8am - 2 am", and free records between "2am - 8 am". Then I used to use excel functions to add 'em up - I did this till december, very painstakingly. For neither of the 6 months (july - december) did my normal hours add-up for the month cross 1 GB.But the sad part is, after getting last bill (the 2 months back wala) I thought the necessity of storing the records have been served, and I deleted the excel sheets. That bill didn't show 'extra charges', and charged 'rent' till december. I thought, since the bill was till december, and no extra charges were asked for over the rent, the issue was over at least till december - I did not have to save all those excel sheets anymore (I made them as proof in case some goof up happened). Stupid me.Now I have this HUGE bill, which has wrongfully charged me for 'extra charges' in July, August and September (August and September in 15 day blocks). And I dont even have the proof in my hand, that I had so painstakingly made. I am sure they have wrongfully added the night free usage to get to this total - and I need to fight this out. The problem is, I have exams in May, and this additional tension is making me wild - but nonetheless, I cant pay the money, or rather, I cant pay wrongful money - so the fight is necessary.Has anyone experienced such a thing? How do I proceed here? What if BSNL shows me some records which say that I 'did' use as per the billing (which can very well happen, given its such a messy organisation)? And what if I deny to pay the bill should they ignore my claims (which they might)? What happens then - ermmm....court order or something like that? :angry: Night charges were free in July, August and September 05 too, right? I am sure they were - but I cant find a proof on the internet which says so - like, maybe a webpage made before that day, or a newspaper advertisement before that which claims so. I asked ALL the BSNL people then to clarify - right from people at the office, to the guy who came to set up the modem - all said yes, its free at night from July. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)


Firstly , what prompted you to use excel sheets. There are softwares available for calucation of dataone usage without any problems which are quite reliableSecondly, sorry to disappoint you , there was no night unlimited offer in july nor for half of august. This offer was introduced from Aug 16. Thats why 15 days block.But if you still have doubt you can ask for the details of data transferred for previous months. I am sure they are going to have this data....From there you can do the calculation work


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^^ cyrux & kambui both are correct . And @sangasanga is suggested to personally contact the commercial officer/AOTR at the local exchange &write your grievance to the CGM of your circle thru a registered post/courrier ...