And Finally This


DataOne Home 500
I have a 256 kbps. unlimited. My acc was valid till the 24th this month but suddenly from 22nd morining i cudnt log into my account. So i put in the acc details manually in my browser to check what was wrong, and i find that my validity is still given till the 24th. Then I checked my account usage details and guess what i find my unlimited ssu1 account has been replaced by a limited usage mala account. And then in the evening those buggers have the audacity to call me up and tell me that my usage details have exceed the 150 mb per day limit, so my validity was deducted. And that I should now recharge, yeh well balls to him, wat he dint know was i wasnt using their stupid client and that i cud check my details manually, so I called up customer care and told them to switch on my account details and showed them how my acc. changed suddenly, they did admit to their mistake, coz the change was there right in front of their eyes,and my acc got extended by a day. Hehe it's the 25th now, and im still using the same acc.