More Problems here with LAN, Exatt and torrents.


Times Warner
I have had a 256kbps Exatt conn. here for 8 months now and earlier i used to get a good 28-29KBps with torrents till exatt capped us to 20KBps this Jan. Still I used to manage a comfortable 21-22KBps on good torrents until a week ago when I had to change my CAT5e wire due to some stupid mouse getting horny with it. The new wire I think is a bit long. May be close to 80 to 100 metres. It runs directly from the switch to my onboard LAN on my MSI KM4M mobo. Until 2 weeks ago i used to get a fine speed while my LAN used to connect at 100Mbps connection type 100baseTX full duplex mode. Now after The cable change the raspppoe.exe fails to query services at 100baseTX full/half duplex mode. I have to switch my conn. type to 10baseT full/ half duplex to run my connection well at 10Mbps. I can connect my LAN at 100Mbps with conn type 100baseTX full duplex mode but the dialer fails to connect to the internet. Also when I connect to the internet at 10 Mbps I experience a drastic drop in speed. And torrents fail to give a good dl speed. The best is 15kBps and an average dl speed over night is 6-8 KBps. Ul speeds are proper and go a comfortable 21kBps if not restricted. I have tried many torrents of different softwares with enough seeds and peers . All give the same problem. I use Bitcomet 0.63 with DHT connected. Tried to switch back to v0.57 but didnt help either. I formatted and resetup the whole system to eliminate any discrepancy I might have missed but it didnt help. Also the lan disconnects for a split of a second occasionally and reconnects bringing up the 'Network Cable Unplugged ' message. My cable guy wants me to change the lan card and says that it is the cause of the prob. So I put an old realtek adapter 10/100Mbps but it kept on saying that cable is unplugged. It used to connect for a split of a second and again disconnect LAN. Is it because I have to register the MAC address with EXATT? I should atleast get the LAN connected, shouldnt I? Can the length of the new CAT5e wire be the problem(creating losses and attenuating the signals)? If anyone can shed light on the cause of my problem I will be thankful. It is painful dling at 6 KBps. I stay at Vile Parle East near Suncity Theatre and get my conn from Advision at Andheri through my cable guy.


Cox Internet
The bottom line is that exatt has started to suck.10 or 100 MBPS wont make a difference to your internet speeds.And since you can upload at 21Kbps there is no fault in your line AFAIK.What speeds are you getting on normal http downloads??


Viking Warrior
As of February, Exatt has started binding accounts to MAC IDs...check that out.Cheers.