Have had enough of Sify!

I had a fight with the local sify guys and they may no longer be coming over to fix sify connectivity issues.I had the fight with a frustrated fool named Manoj. I probably kept irritating him to such an extent that he showed his frustration finally. I had agreed to call up the local guys each time the connection went down (instead of the voice support) and i kept running after them for slow browsing (due to very frequent timeouts) and it seems that i got under their skin.In the past month, the switch power/adapter was replaced, later the switch itself was replaced and the adapter again. Today, he tells me that I am the only one complaining out of the other 24 users in the area, which is absolute crap. These things kept happening for the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I was free ( had taken a break from work) and was probably accessing the net for the entire day, bcos of which i would know exactly when the net goes down. To be frank, if Sify pulls up their pants, they probably would be the best, but as of now, they simply suck. When it works good, it is wonderful, the the problem is the frequent downtimes.If i had the freedom, I would have smashed him, i would have removed all the frustration on that fool.I am planning to get another broadband connection, which is the best around in navi mumbai?comments please.


no broadband is good.But in navi mumbai upto nerul u can have Iqara broadband but believe me sify is better