ICC urges US to set up an IPL model league


MUMBAI: Last month the American Sports and Entertainment Group had announced the launch of the American Premier League (APL) cricket event.The first edition is due to take place in October in New York and will have six sides. Players like Inzamam Unlimited Haq are believed to be interested in taking part in this event.Like the Indian Cricket League, the APL too is a private venture. Not surprisingly the International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken a rigid stance to this, similar to what they have done to the Indian Cricket League (Indian Cricket League). The ICC has urged the United States America Cricket Association (USACA) to develop a Twenty20 tournament on the lines of the Indian Premier League (Indian Premier League).Media reports state that the hope is that this will act as a counter to the APL.The ICC's principal advisor IS Bindra has been quoted in reports saying that the USACA should like the Indian Premier League look at private ownership for teams, each of which can have a mix of foreign and local players.The USACA, reports addss, was twice suspended by the ICC for its dysfunctional administration and readmitted last year after elections were held.Meanwhile Indian Premier League chairman and commissioner Lalit Modi has been quoted in reports saying that it will be difficult for the APL to be a viable proposition unless the ICC endorses it. Seeing how cricket's governing body rejected the Indian Cricket League's plea for official recognition, it appears most unlikely that the APL will be endorsed.Australian pace bowler Jason Gillespie has been contracted by the APL. He has been quoted in reports expressing disappointment at the ICC's opposition to the APL.