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I am about to post this expose in the same structure to Sify Corporation, The Broadband forums in India as well as the Press. I am writing this article as I feel it is necessary for all the people who use broadband in India (also the ones who wish to go for similar services) to be aware of the worthless and awful service that is provided by Sify broadband.

My troubles with Sify started with the day I actually made the decision to go ahead with their service in spite of repeated warnings from friends who wisely chose not to use this atrocious service and those who have suffered as much as me and have switched to other broadband services.

The connection which I was promised within five working days too wasn’t offered within the stipulated time but I didn’t loose my cool then. However, the manner in which it was installed was as sloppy and hopeless as one could ever see. The broadband is actually installed by the wiremen who have no knowledge of either computers or the technology. They seem to rely on “put these numbers in those fields” approach to get to a level of atleast somewhat acceptable incompetence. Since I was using Linux at that point, their presence beyond laying the cables was absolutely useless since they would converse only in their local language which Sify strongly believe is enough to deal with the customers as the local wiremen seem to be the only contact between Sify and their customers which happens “only” at the time of collecting the lease for their ridiculous service.

Amongst the other specifics, the local cable operators or wiremen thought it was compulsory for me to bear the additional cost over the “installation charges” since the installation charges does not include the cost of LAN cables and their labour. They seriously seem to be underpaid for their tardy and rubbish service.

Now it has been over a month and as the local operators come to collect the lease for their service, they also ask for an extra “service charge”. I couldn’t understand the “service” bit ever.

On Friday the 3rd, my connection finally gives up for good and after calling up the customer support (which they strongly object is not to be mistaken as a helpline). I was told the problem would be solved within two (yes 2) hours. Sounds prompt but I get a call only the next evening at 8pm to check if I am connected. I did as I was asked at 10pm just to find out that the dim-witted engineer (or wireman) actually “fixed” the connection by “disconnecting” the LAN cable. For the next three days I call the customer support just to waste half an hour every evening over their helpless support and hear their worthless words to cheer me up like “yes, sir we understand your problem and it would be fixed by tomorrow for sure”, but it takes not more then ten minutes after which they begin to crack-up and start behaving arrogantly with you. Finally after another few minutes of an insignificant confrontation with someone who really doesn’t care (or maybe is just useless for his job sitting at a call center) I finally man
aged to get in touch with one of the seniors at the call center who had atleast the decency to talk respectfully and even called back the next day to checkup on the connection’s status but his attempts to restore my connection too were simply useless after that.

On the fifth day of prepaid disconnection, I had realized that things had really gotten out of hand and I needed to get in touch with the manager. Apparently the manager wasn’t available at the afternoon hour so I asked them to provide me with her email address to which they responded by saying, they were unable to mail me because of “internal problems”. Just out of curiosity I asked them if these internal problems were because they were using their own pathetic internet service at work to which the answer was “no”.

As far as the Sify clients go, they seem to have a serious problem adapting a standard clean interface in MS Windows which too wont install without first installing their substandard anti virus program and as far as the Linux client is concerned, the Daemon (sifyd) has to be killed and restarted every time you need to login to their service. Mind you, the client does not specify if it has logged in successfully, so irrespective to a wrong password, wrong scheme or no connectivity, the client always says it has logged in (or maybe done nothing since there is no confirmation message whatsoever). So if things don’t work… as Sify believes, it’s not their problem either.

Finally, as I end this piece of writing, I would like to remind you people; if Sify believes a week has less than 12 hours… do not argue. Cause that’s how those morons actually function so that you dysfunction and yes, even pay for it with an extra service charge.


Hi customerreport even I have put up my rant on 'Cable Maintainance Charge' topic. Your move to put it in press will be really helpful for customers who are cheated and harrassed by both the CTO and sify customer care. My service would be ending this month and I will never ever go with their service especially relating to one of my present experiences with their customer support and also their pathetic service which is now giving 4-5 kbps download and extremely delayed browsing and disconnections. I have subscribed for a 256 kbps Night and Weekends package.On one of my calls on the fifth day I was arrogantly told to cancel my service by one such Sup Mr. Ramesh from Chennai. Only to be called up by him after 4 days and requesting to continue the service since they cannot guarantee reimbursement. They have not yet fixed the issue. CTO hangs up on calling. Confirmed issue is on sify side by a tech who said they have some server issues.Cheers all!


'Cable Maintainance Charge' - You mean you pay an additional to the normal sify package rate.


Originally posted by [email protected] 11 2006, 10:08 PM
'Cable Maintainance Charge' - You mean you pay  an additional to  the normal sify package rate.

??? :mellow:

Probably you misunderstood or you have read the post in haste.
I dont pay anything for any maintainance...nor will in the future since I am not going for sify service after this week is over. I just put up the rant under that topic urging ppl not to pay any additional charges since they are already included in the sify rates. Read the topic under that name.

Cheers all!


i think payin some service charges is fair bec they wouldnt be able to provide support for all the connections.. im sayin fair to the cto and not to sify bec the model on which they have based their service i.e. the client cto model is essentially flawed.. if we shud all stop payin service charges i think that we will stop gettin the amount of support from the cto that we get now too... reading the above, did it strike any of u guys that its so typical of how the average sify customer's experience with the connection?


Cable Maintainance Charge' is not documented by Sify so if u are paying Cable Maintainance Charge' then onlu & only insist for Sify Bill not ur local operator bill... then lodge a case again sify in the consumer cote....u will get a handsome money...


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am not paying any maintenance charges...nor am i using the Sify anymore...but the line is connected and it's working :p


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i think its justified to ask the CTO for a bill for the maintainence charges. and ask him to prove that he is paying service tax on that amount.