Airtel Bangalore Contact Numbers

Hi there. I'm from Bangalore and recently shifted from the city center to an area called Jakkur on the outskirts. Unfortunately the only thing available here is BSNL Fraudband.Anyway I was wondering if anyone here has a number of an Airtel officer or someone with some knowledge about when I can expect them to offer their services in this area.I called their public numbers but those bunch of flow chart junkies have no idea about anything so I'm looking for the number of someone who actually knows when they plan to expand into this area. For those in Bangalore I'm right behind the Jakkur Aerodrome so I'm in the dead spot between the Hebbal and Yelahanka exchanges!Also anyone know of any iSP's in Jakkur other than Amogh?Amogh Broadband offers 128kbps @ 1500 pm + 3000 installation charge!