Policy released for Satellite radio


Govt has released policy for Satellite radio service
Key Points:
Ten-year licences will be offered through a bidding process on a revenue-share basis, with commercial advertisements banned to protect local FM broadcasters
Religious organizations and political parties will be barred from setting up the channels.
Private news channels are not allowed, but talk and current affairs are. News broadcasts or audio feeds of state-run All India Radio and Doordarshan will be allowed.
Uplinking of signals will be from India through locally registered firms
The operators would be allowed a maximum of two minutes per hour of promotional material about the channels. Broadcast of public interest announcements for a maximum of one hour per day might be made mandatory.
In line with direct-to-home (DTH) television services, foreign investment including portfolio and direct investment will be capped at 74 per cent.
Successful bidders will pay an annual licence fee equal to 4 per cent of their gross revenue and provide a bank guarantee of Rs. 10 crore or the annual fee, whichever is higher.
Source: Satellite radio policy opens playing field- Hindustan Times