BSNL's Billing Fault


Can anyone plz help me out ???i have got my december bill yesterday...when i used to login at 3 pm the dataone records showed that i have logged in at 10 p.m i.e 5 hours before... and the whole month it recorded wrong timings...i had also complained to bsnl officers and they said there is a fault and had assuerd me that u wont be charged...but now they have charged me which i had downloaded at night...and they are saying you have to pay the bill...WHERE SHOULD I COMPLAIN AGAINST THESE THIEVES ?i have also got my sancharnet bill and i had very rarely used it.. but they have charged 7000 bugs for it...I AM TOTALLY IN A MESS...SHOULD I NOT PAY MY BILL ?i have purchased the modem but they are asking me to pay rent.... THEY ARE REALLY FOOLS... CANT IMPLEMENT THE TECHNOLOGY PROPERLYPLZZZ GUIDE ME... WHAT SHOULD I DO ?


Viking Warrior
There are many users with the same problem, use the search facility. I think you should directly to someone higher up, with the complete records of your billing... Try to explain to them, and then if nothing works go to the consumer court...All the best mate.