Apple Macintosh user


Hi there... am hoping other Mac users or enlightened persons could help me as Tata technical department have not been able to as yet. I am a broadband user and until a few months back had no problems with Tata. Then started getting the occasional hang (page fails to load) which I could correct by unplugging the ethernet cable and waiting 10 secsonds and plugging in again (yes... it was very boring!)Tata checked and replaced router and changed DNS settings which gave temporary success but then started hanging every minute or so and now will not load for past few days at all - no sites, nothing. Have tried a number of workarounds from Apple sites but as my computer works fine with BSNL broadband at my workplace I feel that its a conflict between Tata & some Macs. There are only a couple of Mac users here in Ahmedabad with Tata so the technical department are not so experienced in these matters - but maybe someone out there is!Any help much appreciated.