Which MUV is best and affordable?



Yaar can somebody help me out .....I am planning to take a vehicle in the MUV segment. Advice me bout the a vehicle that should be best in the terms of price (NOT AT THE HIGHER END :p ), economy, comfort and style. I am planning for Travera but since the model is new... nothing can be said. TATA safari is what I like but the maintainance and running costs are high, Scorpio is Good, but the problem is with the suspension, the vehicle jumps from the back side on normal roads also forget bad roads. Qualiz is more like a taxi.My dad don't have rokda to go for a CRV, VITIARA or CRUISER. So tell me yaar... if any vehicle clicks to your mind.Mridul :rolleyes:


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I think none of the current crop of SUVs fits your requirement, but there is indeed some good news... Ford is coming up with Ford Fusion pretty soon... Ford Fusion fits right for you. It should be just priced around half a lack more than Ikon... So would be in your range. But it will be petrol as diesel is planned for next year...check this months Autocar India. Impresses me a lot.