Primus and Dataone


I have a Primus VOIP box, activated et all with the TalkBroadband Fully-featured phone line + UNLIMITED long distance (Can./U.S.) Home Plan. And now I need to set up this VOIP box at my residence. Termination will be to a PSTN line (call from VOIP a/c to a PSTN num). Need it to keep in touch with ma buddies there.Connect type: 256kbps Dataone Home 500 plan.Router: D-Link 502T and Huawei WA1003A.I need it to work on the Dlink 502T urgently, WA1003A can come later.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEPlease guide me on the connect. The VOIP box is a Dlink DVG-1120 (something like dat).