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Piyush Singh

Aitel Home 999
(Sorry for this repost.I attached a very large screenshot in the earlier post so the web page was too hard for dial up users & even BB users like me with too many downloads going on.I would request the moderators to delete the earlier post.Thanks)

Hi Everyone,
My problem is that though my Sygate Personal Firewall ( Pro 5.5 Build 2637 ) is showing incoming traffic as between 20-25

KBps. The programs that I use for downloading viz. eDonkey 2000,Download Accelerator show me recieving a download speed of

11-12 KBps,which I have confirmed from the speed test websites as well.

Some of those results are as under:

Download Speed: 99 kbps (12.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 101 kbps (12.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Communications 94.6 kilobits per second
Storage 11.5 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 1.5 minutes

89.1 kbps
Connection is:: 94 Kbps about 0.1 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB)
Download Speed is:: 12 kB/s
Tested From:: (server1)
Test Time:: Wed Feb 08 2006 08:57:39 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
Bottom Line:: 2X faster than 56K 1MB download in 85.33 sec
Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 39.17 % of your hosts average (

What I am not able to understand that where the rest of the incoming traffic goes ?
A screenshot had been uploaded

wherein it can be seen that apart for the programs I use for surfing or downloading,AV etc. there are 2 other programs that

are using the bandwidth.
These are:
1. RAS PPPoE mini-port/call manager driver
2. Generic Host Process for Win32 services

No.2 is an Win XP SP 2 process which maybe needs to download something I guess ?
But a good amount of bandwidth is being used by RAS PPPoE Driver.

This was installed when I told the airtel engineers that I was getting Low ID & NAT errors while using P2P clients.So they

configured the Web Distributor setting & made a new connected using BRIDGED protocol.So there is no need for port forwarding

now but this bandwidth enigma is what is bothering me .
Could anyone help me out?

Piyush Singh

Aitel Home 999
Here is another screen capture

that shows Download accelerator in the background and sygate in the
foreground.You can see the difference in speeds.BTW this screenshot is
after 11.00 PM wherein the double speeds at night kick in.

Piyush Singh

Aitel Home 999
Screenshot of AA Tools Network Interface report


Hi Piyush, I am no one to say this(BCA 1st ear) but thru personal experience i am telling this to you having a firewall just for the heck of it is of no use,for monitoring bandwidth and stuff like that, practically you'r doing nothing but just adding up to the processor time.I dont know for what perpose ur using ur tin box but if its for home then a firewall is no help other than adding to ur notifications. I just might be able to help you with a bit of basic trouble shooting.1.Start the box and go online,do not surf,dont open any programs, let the system run in the sate as it started up except for going online do nothing.2.Check the process running in the taskmanager,se which process are taking up the processor time.System idle should be max at around 90+ or may be even 95+.If not so then close the unwanted processcheck ur bandwidth then.i checked the net for rres ppoe it what i found was only ppl with sygate and dsl are having prblm with this and with out it u cant access the net.WIN32 acces the web it goes up to ur dns the schost network service is this only.When u start the system does the data light on ur modem satrt bliking then and goes on till eternity or it satblises after some time it should blink ony when ur up\down loading any thing so after booting uop the light shouldl not keep blinking.when just booted up and gone onlinet ype netstat in cmd/command and see what all connections have been done from ur system,uninstall useless stuff, do a spywarwe scan Though these are ameture tips they are home remedy's and they ""WORK WELL"" I assume ur a home user so a fire wall is of little help to you SP2 has a built in fire wall which would b sufficient for a ahome userYou ahve a note book check the inter net while only ur notebook is running,i meen on ur notebook see wha the results are .