Interchanging two TRI band connections


I have two Triband connections on two different numbers. One with 590NU package and other with DSL 199.I want to know that one og the lines can I use the router of DSL 199 as generally 300MB of the download goes unutilised.So do I have to simply connect the router to the other phone or change the user id and password in my original router as.If any one has done this please let me know.CC people says I can but I doubt those stupid executives.


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I didn't really get ur query. but from what i could make out.....u have two triband connections with diff plans but u chose to opt for a router with just one of the connections to avoid paying an additional 80 bucks. And u want to be able to use the router with either connection.The answer to that is yes u can and it's quite simple. U just have to change the username and password in the router firmware to the ones which correspond to the connection ur using and you will be billed accordingly.