Got new airtel connection ( comprehensive review)


I have taken the airtel home 999 plan and i am using the Beetel 220 Bx's inbuilt dialer to connect. This is my experience so far ----

1. Installation :- There was a delay of about 7 days from the day my internal wiring was done to the day my connection got activated. The delay was not due to Airtel's fault but due to some lawyer in my building( i live in a multisorey appartment) objecting to the wiring process.

2. Downloading speed :- Well during the day downloading speed (http and ftp) varies between 20-26 KBps. During the night ( after 1 or 2 am) i am able to download at steady 40KBps.

3. Uploading speed :- I am getting around 16KBps average uploading speed.

4. Browsing speed :- For some strange reason the browsing seems to be slower. I have checked this with both Internet explorer and Opera. When browsing the speed varies a lot like 10--16--32--40--15( checked using Analog x Netstat).
Do you guys also experience slower browsing?

5. Ping times (big problem) : - During the day i get about average 300 ms ping to yahoo and other sites. But in the evening the ping times goes up to about 600 to 700 ms !! Initially there was aslo packet loss on the line. After i complained to the technical person incharge ( the dsl 'engineer' didn't know what i was talking about) they changed my DSLAM port and the packet loss problem is now resolved.
But i am still getting high ping times times in the evening :( .

What are the ping times you guys are getting?

6. Customer Care :- Although the cc staff are courteous but they get repitative and there knowledge is limited to " Sir is your link light on, are you able to open web sites blah blah and finally Sir i think the problem is because you computer has a virus :huh:". You will only get the problem solved if you talk to somebody higher up the chain.

Overall my experience is good but the high ping times are a source of worry.


I usually shut up anybody by just saying - "I use GNU/Linux." Though I dont use Airtel, you should try that once :). It did wonders with the Reliance CC guys ;)