How to Make FTP server ( Made for HFCL Connect Users)


This guide will explain you ,how to make ur own FTP server :D
NOTE:- This guide is specially made for HFCL Connect users, as they all have save modem/router
If u have different router ,its configuration windows may vary :)

**Get a Static Hostname If u have dynamic (changing) IP
Goto DNS Hosting, E-mail Delivery, VPS Hosting and Other Services , and make a account there, its free
After u make account & confirm it .
Then login with username & password
go to this address
Now do as shown



2) Port Forwarding and setting up hostname

i) Open your web browser & type , it will ask you for username & password.Try these usernames & passwords
Username = Admin
Password = admin OR pass OR password
Router Configuration window will open
ii) On Left side, click 'Advanced Setup',then 'NAT',then 'Virtual Servers'
iii) In centre, click on Add & type as shown in picture

And Click Apply.

Click on Add again & do as shown

Click Apply.
Click on Add again & do as shown

iv) On the left side of router window,click on 'DNS',then 'Dynamic DNS'
Then click add in center, Then type as shown in pictures

3) Installing & Configuring FTP Software
i) Download latest version free version of Cerberus FTp server from here -- link removed --: Easy Filehosting

ii) After downloading,Install it (its very simple)
iii) Then run it from start menu, a wizard will come up asking 'How will you be using Cerberus FTP server"
Tick on Personal Use,then click Next
iv) We dont need a user account currently,so tick off 'Create Initial User'
v) It will ask "Allow WAN IP Auto Detection", Click YES ,then Next,then Finish
vi) Cerberus FTP server's main window will open

Click on Configuration Menu,then Server Manager
On left side,click on Interfaces
In center,click on Default & do as shown :-

Then Click on a group of computer below Default & do as shown in Picture

On Lower Left side,click on Advanced, Under PASV Port Range Heading
Type '5555' in Start box, & '5566' in End box

Then Click OK

III) Adding Content to FTP server
-Click configuration menu,then user manager
-On Left side,click on Users,on right side Click on NEW
-Give your user account a simple name under Cerberus User Accounts

-In center,under property heading,you'll see 'Password' written
Double click on it & set a password for it
-Dont leave it blank
-Under Virtual Directory heading, you'll see a button with 3 dots

"...", click on it, select directory you want to share,Click 'oK'

then 'Add to root'
-you can repeat previous step for as many directories you want to

-For each directory added, you have to set permissions,its very

- As you can see in picture below,i have 4 directories shared ie.

Downloads,Important Tools,My Music,My Videos
-Click on 1st one,then on right side tick 'Download'
-Click on 2nd one,then on right side tick 'Download'
-Do this for all directories & Click CLOSE
-Click File>Restart Server & you are done

====++= TESTING =++====
Goto your browser ( I recommend firefox, IE6 will work not sure

about IE7 )
in Address bar type ,where is ur LAN IP
Wait for a while & it will ask your username & pass
Use username & password that you typed in User Manager of FTP server
Voila.. You are there.try downloading anything from your server
You cannot download it using Download Manager, COnfigure you DM for FTP username & password , then it will work.

I m just 16yrs old , dont know much about writing & this is my 1st tutorial :)