Be cautious while payment


All sify user who pay to the sify collection man or local cable company read this.[/I]

I renewed my account on 29 dec 2005 and paid the money next day to the person who comes to collect the money.

After 2 days i received the call from sify and to my surprise they said i have not paid money.

In reply to mine that I already hae made payment , she said we havent received your payment yet . I gave them my recipt no , the collection man name .

On 4 jan 06, my account was cancelled and after making endless calls to sify my account to renewed .

Then on 7 jan 2005 sify customer centre called me and said u have'nt paid for the account which u renewed on 1 jan 2006 ( i never renewed my acc on 1 was 29 dec), after arguing with the customer centre they said they were sorry for the inconvinence and it would not happeh further.

Again on 10 jan i recvied a call that i havent paid for my account...again i had to tell the whole story .

In 10 days, 3 times the collection man have knocked my door askng for payment.

Even if you have made the payment keep the recepit and start making payments in cheque to avoid any trouble.


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its advisable to do transactions via cheque of via credit card online.Sify has a sad online credit card gateway.When u punch in your credit card number there is no SSL. There is no LOCK. All big talks of Satyam are null when this is their sad situation. The customer care are least bothered when i told them. Well who cares!! is their attitute. If we argue more they disconnect the phone.I renewed online and same day a person literally comes running asking for cto charges. He demanded the full money and I blasted and then he just took cto charges. BEWARE of Sify!!


i used to renew online(no problems)but his time my bank account didnt hav enough called the customercare and placed an is still not renewed after 3 they hav given me "temporary 2 day unlimited 128kbps" pack now