Cars for 2006 or cars for the super rich


hi all! let's talk about what the year 2006 has in store for us. well, most of the cars to be introduced in india belong to C segment (usually anywhere b/w 5-9 lakhs), D segment (b/w 10-20 lakhs) and the super luxury cars. The only car a middle class man will be able to buy will be the Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback (a re-skinned Daewoo). The C segment is where the real action is...where the maximum cars are to be introduced. D seg. is a bit below that. SL seg. will also see a lot new entrants. it will be a very good year for the rich and the super rich. they will ve a lot new cars to choose from. as for a common man like me..i'll just drool at those beauties..standing at a red light...wishing when will i get to see a chevrolet 800, honda 800 or even a ford 800. cuz that will be the day when i'll have choices too.