The Funny One
DISCLAIMER : its suposed to be a joke! :)....u will probably lose all 'will' to live...u may be become sucidal after reading this!CLASSeeFyED ADS(By St0le)i found some intersting ads (not really!)here are some ppl who r currently comments follow!Malika Sherawats Body Double :Malika (to body double): Every1 saw the MMS...who needs YOU now anyways...there is nothing to hide!Salman Khan's Driver :He can beat (no pun intented) Naraian Karthikeyan (but then again..... so can my grandma HOPPING on ONE leg)Salman Khan's Body Guards :He can land few blows himself....Apparently, Aishwariya hired them!Mangal Pandey Crew:Well, Aamir is such a perfectionist (polite way of saying "control freak") that the entire crew is looking for a job! since aamir fired them!Saurav Ganguly : (ouch!)no, u read it right! its Saurav Ganguly ! (the ad further read "Former 12th Man for Indian Cricket Team...Proficient in carrying bottles/kits for teammates!")Vivek Oberoi's Publicist :Vivek is sooo much better at it!!Vivek : Salman Called! PRESS CONFERENCE! i gave tsunami victims a lousy t shirt! PRESS CONFERENCE!Ash Dumped me! PRESS CONFERENCE! my film flopped! PRESS CONFERENCE! (todays top stories..NOT!)Salman Khan's Agent : (2 many??)Salman : Get the #$% outta here! I Can make my OWN [email protected]#$% DAMMN [email protected]$% Phone [email protected]#$% piece of [email protected]#$%!Ashwariya's Bollywood Agent:WHo needs you? i got my now!!Dev Anands Birthday Party Planner:the planner had started "buy 1 get 2 free" ran him outta bussiness! :)Jayalalita's Dietician:....ab ispe kya joke maaron? :)ManMohan Singh's Advisor : (no offence Mr PM)if he had not fired him....then What would Sonia Gandhi do?Osama's Personal Barber : his (osama) beard is known to DEFLECT cruise missiles!Saddam's Laundry Guy : Take a look at photos published in "the sun"...dont need to say more!------------------------------------------------------------------FOR SALE:Naraian Karthikeyan's Speedometer : Never been used!! :)Sania Mirza's other half of fake american accent: very cheap!...almost free!GW Bush's linguitic Skills : no1 expects him to use it so he doesnt need it!...its free!Rakhi Sawant's Entire Wardrobe : Except inner wear...she wears those! Eminem's Background Music : ....the bleeping is just fine!Navjot S Sidhu's Sense of Humour : he laughs at EVERYthing anyways!Vajpayee's Speech : He Started "Bhayiyo aur Behnoe,"..... hasnt spoken since....he still standing on the stage!Advani's Resignation letter : Available Only For RENT! the owner may need it back!!oh yeah!St0le's Spell Checker : ....him kare not abou speeleengs!