Difference between Post paid and Pre paid?


Right. I use Tata BB Postpaid connection. the difference between a postpaid connection and a prepaid one, is that you get a bill in the beginning of the month for the current month (in the case of postpaid) and that you buy a prepaid card(not sure exactly, could any user please clarify this?) and charge your account (in the case of a prepaid account).i.e., in both the cases you end up paying BEFORE you use your BB.So WHY do they call it POSTpaid and PREpaid?


Hey Vince mate, I had gone to the VSNL office in Mumbai yesterday to change my plan to unlimited 128kbps. Had a long and I mean a very long argument with them on the same. Those people are so dumb, they took me 2 hrs to explain wht do I have to clear the dues and the rental for the extra 400 rs in advance along with the plan change form. After everything was done, i asked the lady what was the meaning of this Post-Paid for the same reason you have posted above. She said Post Paid merely means Billing !! I said then why not call it billing cause in anycase we pay the rentals of the connection before, only the data trasnfer charges later if you dont have a UL plan. She gave me an example that ' Electricity Bills are always of 2 months and you pay the bill one month is advance' I dunno who told her that but I realized it that theres no use arguing with such dumb people.