30 new luxury cars coming to India


Despite the highs and lows of 2005, the New Year promises to be a rush hour for the industry with global hot wheels on a passage to India. With auto majors betting big on luxury vehicles, India is expected to see 30 new cars on its roads in 2006.

The biggest among them would be Bugatti's Rs 10-crore (Rs 100 million) two-seater sporty Veyron. Also on the anvil are Rs 500,000 Rhino-Rover SUV from International Cars & Motors followed by Audi's entry-level premium car A4 at Rs 20 lakh (Rs 2 million).

This apart, General Motors' is expected to come up with its hatchback Aveo at Rs 450,000, Hyundai's premium mid-size Verna and Skoda's entry-level Fabia at Rs 600,000 each. Japan-based Honda will also launch the new generation Civic in May with an expected price tag of about Rs 10 lakh (Rs 1 million).

Car market leader Maruti, which will introduce a diesel version of Swift by 2006, is set to enter the sedan segment with YY4 at about Rs 10 lakh.[/b]



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I heard that Bugatti will build just 600 Veyron's, and most of them are already booked. Just imagine someone trying to drive a 1000bhp car on indian roads...wouldn't be able to shift up to 2nd gear even..haha :p