Star Sports/ESPN or Zee and Indian Cricket on TV


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We already have 4 Sports Channels in Star Sports, ESPN, Set Max and Ten Sports. And most of the good commentators out there are already affiliated with one channel or the other. So, if Zee indeed gets the rights for telecasting cricket, either they will have to get new guys (which would definitely s*ck as we saw with Charu Sharma and the girls on Set Max) or snatch the good ones on the power of money. But still they cannot have the expertise of someone like Star ESPN network to give us great coverage of Cricket.

ESPN Star on the other hand is lowering their standards day by day. Getting Shekhar Suman and guys like Waqar Younis to do Hindi commentary is laughable. Running the same match on 2 prime time channels again is very bad. Shaz and Waz is simply too distasteful. Everything has been made a part of the joke telecasting of cricket is becoming.

Zee or Star Sports/ESPN :: What is good for the viewers?