Fighting with Internet Disconnections


Guys !
I think I have found solution for mtnl internet disconnection. Just follow below instructions step by step

First change your connection type from PPPoe/PPPoa to bridged mode ( don’t forget to take backup of settings before you do any changes from tools->system on your router configuration page)
To get detail about how to change connetion type please visit and

Please note above steps are valid for windows XP only for other windows system
You need to download RASPPPOE from following site ( I recommend XP users should also use this program as its better than default windows)
just download program and follow instruction from READMENT.HTM to setup connection.After you finish setting RASPPPOE you will see shortcut to internet connection on your desktop.Insert username(your phone no) and password (mtnl ) and click dial. If everything fine than you will be connected to internet.

Now lets attack our main problem. Disconnection ! just download connation keeper from below site
Connection Keeper prevents your Internet connection from appearing idle or inactive. It does this using almost no bandwidth or system resources. If a connection is lost, Connection Keeper can automatically dial back in. It can even automatically simulate a button click to close popup windows (such as those asking if you wish to remain connected) and you can configure precisely how your line is kept active.
You can also add connation keeper to windows schedule task at night and rest of the things can be handle automatically. WOW isn’t that great !

One more thing I always wanted to start download or resume downloads from various software’s Like bit torrent / kaaza or download manger. But its difficult to find scheduler in all software’s so I always wanted to have universal scheduler which can start application, start download, stop download in any application.
I found one it its call TriggerMenuItem its fantastic software with very small size (69KB)

its funda is simple. Just tell this program which software u want to communicate to
( software is identified with its windows caption (name appear at top left corner) ).
Then tell it which menu you want to access in this software e.g. in Azureus to resume all downloads Transfers\Start All. Where Transfer is menu name and Start All is command name. You can also create MSDOS batch file and schedule it. Like mine e.g. ruazus.bat

START E:\Azureus\Azureus.exe
sleep 15
TriggerMenuItem caption="Azureus" menuitem="Transfers\Start All"
sleep 5

Now u don’t find sleep command in windows 9x/2k/NT ! I hate batch programming
( Linux is best for these things)
one more tool called sleep.exe from

Benefit of this batch file is that you can put it in windows scheduler to run at every hour so if in case your connation is dead and download is broken it will resume it.
by simulating resume click.( there are other macro and more advance software’s available but believe me u don’t require it )

If u want to shutdown pc after download done then download
shutdown.exe from reskit and then just add command
shutdown -s in batch file to shutdown pc. ( windows xp have it inbuilt).

I think all of the above will help you to setup fully automated system.
Now no more tension of Disconnection. B)

Note: Please remember that whatever u do with above steps. I am not responsible for any adverse effect on your hardware or software’s. so Try it on your own risk!


stonekeeper,Its ur first post and in cricketing terms I would say u hit a Six with ur first ball faced as debutant! :clapping:Very useful post man, thanks for all those links (spl conn keeper). Keep up the good work!


St0le Ya it will work but it will not resume your broken download. It will only resume your connection. and I suggest PPPoe/PPPoa because it gives you complete control over connection ( its safe because u are on internet only when you need it). Remember MTNL rule for rebooting connection after 12 and disconnect before 8.


cyberwiz That’s good ! ;) I complain to MTNL for disconnection and It seem my problem is solve. HURRAY any way I like your bridged mode idea. Its work so great! Thanks man! One more question do we require port forwarding for bridged mode? Which software you use for autodialing and rebooting connections? :huh:


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No u dont require 2 do Port Forwarding in case of Bridged mode since ur PC directly gets a Public IP. For autodialing u can use a Windows scripts containing the command RASDIAL with various parameters. I guess u r a newbie coz...there r many posts already existing on PPPoE & autodialing. Infact coobuddy has a good link & even I have posted few. Anyways welcum 2 this wonderful forum.


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Originally posted by stonekeeper+Dec 28 2005, 01:47 PM-->QUOTE(stonekeeper @ Dec 28 2005, 01:47 PM)
    any way I like your bridged mode idea. Its work so great! Thanks  man!


Thanks for ur thanks man !