Alliance Broadband

Dipanjan Das

you will also have to beat the cheap rate

you cannot beat because alliance guys gives 640kbps unlimited at Rs1399 wheres tata cheaters give 512kbps for Rs1850
no one can beat my speed in respect of
1]unlimited usage
2]price per month
4]equal upload and download speeds

Wishnet Kolkata Can beat roxxxxx


Yes Alliance Broadband cheats. They bump into your door to give connection. Then they fail to give you the access if it rains. The connection goes off. Some illiterate boys will try to impress you with quacking. And somehow their tweaking with cables may bring back you connection. May not. one has to bear or rely upon luck with an alliance connection.If you mail to corporate, it will go into black hole. No reply or response will reach you. If you ask for disconnection and money back, the corporate pushes the ball to local vendor. Local vendor in case of service discontinuation will start with scolds that you are lying because they have records of your usage from this time to that time on a particular date and upto 1 GB or more. The local service provider deliberately insults you saying you are lier.I had an unlimited 1mbps package for Rs. 1500/- ( they never gave me a break up of service charge and taxes). I could barely use it for two hours a day over the past month. Now they are stubborn to give me refund as the corporate lacks a policy for refund. I have changed my subscription to Airtel 10 GB @mbps with a phone line for 1299/- and beg all who wish to have internet connection, do not go for Alliance.