Sify Open Source Broadband client...


Hi guys,Finished my exams today. I am starting a new thread to discuss all things about the new client that we are working on. Please post your contributions, thoughts only in this thread. We will require a generous amount of help from the Sify users to test the client(s) that we will make especially since I dont have a Sify connection or have access to one. But all this is subject to us being able to understand the encryption and the protocol being used by sify. The protocol wont be much of a problem but the encryption is.I have a couple of ideas which I will be testing. As I have gotten out of my exams today I will be spending a few extra hours overcoming the sleep deprivation that I am currently experiencing! :(Thanks a lot.


oh sweeeet a new client.. we allready have supersify as a minimal command line one so can we have a nice gui :p i mean come on its 2006 i can spare a bit of memory for a nicer gui... :p and an inbuilt function to check the bandwidth?also could it be java based so that it cud be run on linux too? i hate having to install wine just to login to sify.. will post more suggestions as soon as i think of them.. cheers :)


Lemme remind you that in many areas supersify doesnt works any more and even if it works in ur area ( or with -o option ) then it is just matter of time it will be disabled ( maybe they are waiting for their new linux client ) .

Link to some old threads :

and there are 2 more huge threads containing bits abt it