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I think some of the sify folks do read this forum. Anyways that's what I hope. A certain Mr. Nambiar from sify even joined it, though he doesn't post much.However, whether they read it or not, whether they are interested or not, here's a post in PRAISE of sify.When I came to this forum it wasn't to bash sify or anything, it was just to get along with other sify users so we could solve problems together. There weren't many problems then, weblogin was still there.The first problem with bbclient was the antivirus, we complained and well we were given a choice. Now we could just call them and antivirus was no longer an issue.Second big problem was the always on top ridiculous button. We complained and well it was removed in the next version of the client.Then ofcourse there was heartbeat and autologoff. Most of us removed hbsbeat.exe, renamed it. We tried keep alive tools, we changed the setting of our firewalls, we complained on the cust care and somehow the autologoff died a quiet death.Whoo that's a good track record, better than I expected!Some users say sify doesn't listen. Well I don't think so.However, there can never be a state of perfection, and still there are some quirks left. Like:Lower than promised speeds.Hidden clauses like the 75megs limit.No control over CTO's malpractices (high maintenance charges, no connection for days, etc.)Nothing is perfect and some problems will always remain, but I trust sify will continue working on them.We are here to bring the problems in front of them and we are not against sify.


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i have personally had 10x more problems when i joined. reason being i was perhaps the only user in the 2 mile radius who actually used the net for what it should be used. have managed to get most of my problems solved. i only got decent connectivity after almost 6 months of struggle.but for every good thing they did, they messed up another 2 things. so the end result is that i am surfing at night messing up my entire routine just to get some decent connectivity with no catches.


From day 1 when i had the paper with all listed packages in my hand , i already knew that Sify s*cked big time, but what can you do when u want internet and dont have any other choice...Its the same as when u are hungry, and u dont have ANYTHING to, nada, niks, nicht, nimmerand suddeny,there u see some dirty [email protected]$$,... i bet u will eat the [email protected]$$ like a cow :p


I'm not interested in this, i'm still havin my share of business related problems with sify wich (as always) they dont want to solve just coz the ppl, who r suppose to look into this matter r as corrupt as govt employees. PERIOD.