Are you gonna use VSNL Tata Indicom Broadband?


A few things i would like to advise future customers are

1)to CONFIRM whether you have feasability in your area, coz there've been many cases where they changed their feasability reports AFTER they had confirmed the availability in the particular area... that too AFTER you pay the Installation amount!

2) Postpaid:Watch out for the method of payment of the bill. In Chennai, they have only ONE billing office where you can pay your bills (Its idiotic since they've got numerous TataIndicom Walky Centres, all which REFUSE broadband payments!! :eek: )
Thats unless you DONT have a cheque-book, so you can easily drop off a cheque at an ICICI ATM..
Prepaid: Make sure you have easy access to a person who sells those prepaid cards.

3)Delays. They'll tell you that they'll give you a connection/solve your problem, etc within a short period of time(one week, 24 hours,etc), but we Indians know we should multiply that time by 5..

4)Be prepared with your aspirin for headaches. I heard that they disconnect you if you're late in paying the bill by ONE day! And they charge you Rs.250 for a reconnection within 24 hours.

5)Shoddy wiring. At least thats what they've left me with..

6) Better stick to the unlimited plans if you can, coz i've met a few people with over-sized bills.

So far from my experience i've found only 2 advantages->

1) 99% Uptime. i've lost my connection only once in the last 4 months.
2) No port blocking, so download all you like from where ever using whatever.
[but i dont play games online or run servers, so no comment on that area]

Oh, and be sure to check often, coz i nearly missed their latest reduction in prices..

Take care



hey vince :) i totally agree with u on point 1 ,2,3,5 but i have different experience reagarding point 4 and 6 may be thats because i live in chandigarh 4 )what happend was my dad did pay the bill but somehow the entry of that money was made to another user so technically i did not pay the bill but the whole month went by they didn't cut the connection :) they just added 415 rs in my next month bill (well i wished to see how long i could go with adding last month bill to next month without disconnection but since my father paid the bill so i had to sort this thing out) i email them with bill detail and without much fuss they corrected the mistake in two three days :rolleyes: 6) for first three month there record show less usage. one day i downloaded creative driver for my soundcard which was 70 mb but when i checked the detail next day no entry was made i am sure i crossed the download limit that month but the showed only 316 mb for that month (i am still mad that i didnt took he full advantage of that month :angry: )now every thing is back to normalone thing i like to add is beware of pro rata rental . dont go crazy on first day billing cycle ends on 15th of every month after that suit ur self :D


TATA makes powersurfer (my isp) look like a dream! :p