Winamp Updates


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Winamp 5.07:
* Critical Security bug fixed in in_cdda.dll and .m3u handler
* in_mp3 & in_nsv should work on Win95 again
* Proxy settings work again
* Installer fixed so that read_file.dll is installed always with mod support
* Version number should be properly reported by IPC_GETVERSION for this build


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Winamp 5.091 Final out

Winamp is a skinnable, multi-format audio player made by Nullsoft. It is freeware. Winamp was first released by Justin Frankel in 1997. Originally, MP3 playback was based on the AMP decoding engine by Tomislav Uzelac et al. In later versions, this was replaced with Nitrane, a proprietary decoder created by Nullsoft and subject of a lawsuit from Playmedia Systems, Ltd. After an out of court settlement and licensing agreement, Nullsoft switched to an ISO decoder from Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the developers of MP3.

Earlier this week Nullsoft released v5.0.9.1 of Winamp to their forums only to have it pulled a few hours later. The reason behind the pullback was reported to be legal. However, the final version is now out available for download. Here is the changelog from the Winamp forum…


- New: DRM WMA Playback supports out_wave
- New: Non-DRM WMA Playback allows any output plugin
- New: Community Picks AVS Preset Pack
- New: Windows Media Audio Ripping/Encoding (removed in latest build, sorry)
- New: Deletes in the Media Library now move files to the Recycle Bin
- New: NSV Subtitles can be disabled on the fly
- Fixed: gen_ml shutdown bug
- Fixed: Easy Move of video window back to normal *
- Fixed: Pause in WMA playback memory leak
- Fixed: Multi-monitor full screen video *
- Fixed: Drag and Drop in playlist editor *
- Fixed: Drag and Drop on Winamp *
- Fixed: Now Playing update on song change *
- Fixed: Media Library/Windows Media scanning errors *
- Fixed: Stay in fullscreen/Config mismatch *
- Fixed: Ctrl-B Crash *
- Fixed: Authentication for OGG/Vorbis streams
- Fixed: Drag and Drop strange behavior in open file dialogs
- Fixed: Stuttering WMA On Start and Seek
- Fixed: NSV Video stall during buffering
- Fixed: Autosize of video to be accurate to the Video size not snap size
- Fixed: Short NSV Clips audio cutout
- Update: Online Media tree is now dynamic (Checking can now be disabled)
- Update: Sonic Install/Config flag mismatch
- Update: CD Ripping/Burning Library (possible cause of msvcrt.dll errors)
- Other general small tweaks/bugfixes



Hmm...a good freeware is being bugged by law !Wake up guys! We need a revolution. Otherwise, these good programs might go extinct somedays!!! :lol:


A new winamp is released it now supports multi channel audio

here's the changelog
New: CodingTechnologies AACPlus encoder!
The MP3 Killer!
Awesome at low bitrates too!

New: Grand Prize Winner of the Internet Surround Music Project!
KAJE - Hey Buddy (featuring Afrika Bambaataa)

New: SHOUTcast Wire - A Media RSS Browser and Subscription Service

New: Predixis Smart Playlist Generator
(Mix your tracks based on what they sound like!)

New: AOL Radio featuring (((XM))) Free Sampler!

New: CD Ripping now available at 8x in free version!

New: Microsoft WMA encoder

New: Over 200 new Milkdrop presets!

Update: in_vorbis now returns bitrate in getextendedfileinfo

Fixed: WMA stuttery playback

Fixed: out_ds copy button on status tab now works all the time

Fixed: Much improved ripping and playback with Sonic engine

Fixed: Video window now resizable regardless of Sidecar

Fixed: Length of long mp3's now reported properly

Fixed: Silent install switch now works properly

Fixed: Simultaneous CD Playback and Ripping[/b]

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