Hi all!
I have had some 'excellent' services rendered by tataindicombroadband.com. :blink: :blink: :blink:
I would like to share my "gratitude" with all of you through this POLL. The very first vote is MINE!
If you are unsure, kindly visit my blogs for HELP:
Kindly mind the sarcasm: it is wholly intentional and NOT coincidental! :huh:

docel/ docelradio@eth.net(DONT Email, blocked by tataindicombroadband)


Hmm.Im on prepaid 256kbps u/l. On torrents I get full 32kBps day and night! surfing is slow at times though.Surfing speed around 100-160kBps during daytime.And since this is Ethernet based,it goes down like once in 2 days for a while!


freinds! I paid for 5 months and guess what ? I subscribed for 256 kbps connection and tata gave me not even a 50 kbps connection..And to add to it when I tried to register a complain with the tata people to get my problem sorted ..the customer care people sitting in hyderabad greeted me with verbal abuses..and the tata indicom broadband manager of kolkata disconnected the phone on my face..telling me that he is out of town...So remember if you land up in problem with some connection problems with tata indicom connection...Get ready for verbal abuses and some misbehaviours..in the site they say "Experience super- fast Internet from Tata Indicom Broadband. High – speed Tata Indicom Broadband is brought to you by VSNL – the people who introduced Internet in India. Avail of great offers on broadband installation charges, services and more. With a wide range of content from movies, music to business services, no matter what your Internet needs, Tata Indicom Broadband has value-for money tariff plans for you. " they must add this lines..You will also get some verbal abuses and misbehaviour as part of their customer service"Guess TATA is becoming a LEADING SERVICE PROVIDER!!!God help their customers


Very sorry to hear those.I myself has tata and its working really well for me (absolutley no speed problems).Like someone said in another thread, "If it works,it works else goto hell"I guess all the problems to most isp's are in north.


WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT in the WORLD. Doesnt have courtesy to even give a call back to the customer and inform about the status of the connection application.Applied for the connection almost 1 month back and i haven't even received a courtesy call to thank or inform about the status.


Venki,I paid up for 256 unlimited for 3 months (prepaid).First two weeks only intermittent connection. After many complaints the BB service worked fine for One and half months. Good bandwidth during that period. :) Then it failed, took them one week to resume my connection. The customer service asked me to use dial up and charged (per hour) me a much higher rate than BB servce. (they did not warn me before hand) :angry: When the service resumed it was so intermittent that it was unusable. Complaint after complaint I got no relief. There was a coconut frond fallen on the wires down the road.. they could not remove it even after one month. Its still there after 4 months!No refund of time paid for or money.. :p Raj (vu2zap)


NEVER GO FOR TATA BROADBAND - I have a 256 kbps unlimited for Rs. 1600/- per month - This is my experience in South Delhi - Tata Broadband sucks bigtime - the whole company and its customer service is pathetic. The connection has frequent disconnections, making it impossible to do anything. The connection rarely remains stable. If you are on a VOIP call using skype / yahoo msgr, the connection breaks down particularly frequently. Their wires are always getting cut and their engineers make it a point to note down your number and never reply back to calls or sms. Moreover, I had a downtime of 4 days twice in the last 3 weeks. That's eight days of no service in a span of 21 days! Crazy!! And the company's personnel are hard to reach, don't give proper replies. They don't have toll-free number, so everytime I call, I am made to pay huge mobile bill for each call, with a wait time of 12 minutes or more and another 10 minutes to argue with the customer service. The local engineer had taken away my router and did not return as promised. Of course, he did not return my calls and sms. Only after contacting the operations manager and threatening them, did they decide to send a replacement router after 4 days! Per my complaint, even the escalation manager, Sourabh Sengupta at the head office in Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi has no satisfactory reply, apart from the god-damn standard script - we are looking into the "f..king" matter. NEVER GO FOR TATA BROADBAND if you want peace of mind.


QUOTE(muttster` @ Apr 21 2006, 10:48 AM) [snapback]48788[/snapback]
Hmm.Im on prepaid 256kbps u/l. On torrents I get full 32kBps day and night! surfing is slow at times though.Surfing speed around 100-160kBps during daytime.And since this is Ethernet based,it goes down like once in 2 days for a while!

Hi muttster,
My case is similar to you: Mumbai, prepaid 256kbps, Ethernet based.
Can you help me with Torrents plzz?
My Torrent client is not able to accept incoming connections so uploads are very slow.
Thanks in advance.