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Now, Microsoft is entering into competition with with their new MSN Spaces. Spaces provide any [email protected]$$port user to setup a Blog along with several other services like Images and Lists. A common Spaces page shows snippets from all the various sections.

The service is in beta stage and provides 10 Megs of space for content additions like images. It also let user setup permissions for other users to access a particular space. User can make it private, public, or accessible to only those users who are contacts in MSN Messenger.

People who are used to independent Blogging tools would not be happy with the MSN Blog Service. The links generated are awkward and there is little independence in shaping out the layout. There are predefined color themes with no facility to modify CSS or Layout code. It however supports RSS (2.0) Syndication and Mobile Blogging. Email Blogging does not seems to be available. Trackbacks are also supported. Also, there is no information whether the service would let user Blog from third party clients.

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