Reliance to roll out IPTV by year end


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Reliance to roll out IPTV by year end
Anil Dhirubhai Ambani promoted Reliance Communications plans to roll out Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) by the end of this year, a top official said.

Reliance Communications president Mahesh Prasad said on the sidelines of the BIG TV launch here on Tuesday: \"With customers demanding personalised entertainment, IPTV service would allow subscribers more choice and control. We will launch this service within this year.\"

Earlier in November 2007, Reliance Communications announced a tie-up with Microsoft to use its software for IPTV and paid a licence fee of $500 million.

IPTV will allow operators to deliver content to their subscribers using telephone lines through IP technology. So far this technology was being used to deliver voice over Internet telephony. The services on IPTV include video-on-demand and digital video recording.
Reliance to roll out IPTV by year end- Media-Media / Entertainment -News By Industry-News-The Economic Times


the funny thing is that i do not see the logic behind companies which already have DTH to launch IPTV services as well. :)airtel for example.


What they want you to do is to watch TV using your phone line and make a phone call using your Internet connection...


the funny thing is that i do not see the logic behind companies which already have DTH to launch IPTV services as well. :)

airtel for example.

@Sushubh IPTV is a clear winner over DTH when it comes to reception & the possibilities, mainly because the bandwith available is enormous when compared to DTH. You can except things like live pausing, watching programs which were actually braodcasted yesterday & also choose from pratically thousands of movies whenever you want to watch them, bsnl currently has more than 100+ movies & free videos that can be watched whenever you want & you can also pause the movie, it's very interactive u see. But since it is mostly on wired connection we would always have last mile connectivity issues & then DTH comes into picture....

Well i actually wanted to take reliance broadband connection but it is not available in my area:cry: & the only reason is for IPTV. I'm currently subscribed to BSNL Iptv which is pretty much of no use because they are stuck at 90 channels most of which are useless, i don't really watch it & till now even they have kept up thier promise of not charging me every month for subscription.... But the sad part is they took off TenSports recently & i had to pay extra money to get the same on TS:confused:

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