Direct dial in to the HUAWEI BSNL router ?


Is it possible to connect to the router directly without connecting to the PC from other place through DIAL UP ? I mean, I have a BROADBAND Router at my Work place, & at nights I want to access the internet through my 56k MODEM by connecting it to the router, instead of dialing to the BSNL Dial up !! Is that possible, is there any way to configure the HUAWAI ROUTER in such a way that it grants access to dial in ???If anybody have any idea, plz replyNIRAJ


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you could have a dialup-modem attached to the PC (internal or external) then set up some sort of dial-in... dunno if its built-in or you need some dialin software... then you can connect from your pc to the net via your bsnl modem...maybe you mean you want to do remote desktop... so you "dialin" to your pc from anywhere at 56k but then download stuff to your pc at full "broadband" (crap) speeds?if you're in the same city, fine, but what if you're out of town..? you'll pay thru da nose for STD rates.. what if you're outta da country? pay ISD rates then