Customers' Dumbest Questions


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1. Is this an 800 number? (after dialing 1-416-xxx-xxxx) 2. (customer at staples office superstore) HI sir do you sale staples. 3. Do you have my size in this? (in a shoe store... what am I a mind reader, I get asked this at least 5 times a day.) 4. When you stop an employee that is running down the aisle you're probably a disturbance. If he's running for some reason that reason is usually a good one. 5. When you order your food then complain about it and have them bring you back another plate 75% of the time they're bringing you back out the same plate of food. You seem perfectly content with it. 6. No matter how flirty the cashier appears to be to you she doesn't want you in any way. 7. How big is your 12", 14",16" pizza? 8. What time do you close? (In a 24 hour store) 9. What time does your midnight buffet start? 10. Can you download [email protected]$$ical music on these MP3 players? 11. (in a auto parts store) Do you sell brake pads? 12. How much ink do I use when I print white? 13. Are you not accepting my check because you're gay and I'm not? 14. What comes on your pepperoni pizza? 15. What does salt added mean?