Im a 100 hrs pack user 512kbps - hear me out


Tata .. the name itself brings a sense of professionalism .. Vsnl .. (selfproclaimed)the guys who brought internet to india (true true) , one would naturally expect quality product from them at a reasonable price. I geefully bought the 100 hours a/c thinking worth some 1200 bucks & a 2.5k installation charge was what they asked for. I was happy , my days with the local isp (32kbps , frequent disconnetions) days were over.. or so i thought.The tata engineers visited my place & said yeah lets start .. i was like but where is the subscriber unit .. the utps ? , he tells me there is a tie up between local cto & they will be using my existing setup itself for the tatvsnl broadband .. i was like.. er.. ok.. how bad can it be... 512kbps .... .. the first week i got .. in excelss of 100kBps .. yeah the big B , & suddenly a week after it dropped .. to 230kbps .. infact i was "capped" at that speed & so was everyone else in the area who had this connection. The phone calls to the helpdesk failed.. they just coundt understand what i meant by capping , they just blindly sent their engineers to my place to check the speeds. Finally in despearation i called up the sales guy & he too turned a deaf ear.a bunch of croocks , theives , tata & vsnl .. two of the biggest companies in india are bloddy cheats .


I agree with u... they charged me 3555 for the installation and "promosed" me that the connection would be functional in 5 days,,,, its been 20 days now and i have not heard from them.... i am planning to take them to the court....

paul manuel

I paid Rs 4000/ for a new ISD land connection two weeks back. The cheque is promptly encashed by TATA Indicom. Until now I don't hear anything from TATA Indicom. It is proved again that TATA is a poor customer service people.There is no way to reach the offcials to lodge a complaint by email. It is a torture to reach the oficials by phone.paul manuel98413 65242


From the name of the brand I would not say that they r frauds, but yes I agree with you that they certainly are poor customer service ppl. And u r right that if u lodge a complaint nothing happens, u can lodge a complaint at the toll free no. but nothing happens. There is no way to get to a higher level official to talk to complaint.I have a tata indicom wireless phone, they say that it is 115 Kbps. it connects at 115 Kbps but I dont think that it never ever dnloaded at that speed. I think it also dnloads at, at the max 5Kbps, and that also is not consistent. I hope Tata tries to stay upto its name as its such an old and reliable co. of India. Its one of the most trusted names in the Indian industry.


TATA Indicom has made a mess of its good trusted name. And why did u people look to get a tata connection when BSNL itself is offering DataOne Broadband connection which has already established itself as fast, reliable and advanced ? I hope you people could have gone through the BSNL-MTNL Broadband section of this forum before making an investment with indicom.As for the 115kbps connection, reliance also promises similar speeds (14KBps), but deliver around 4-8KBps. This is normal for FWP/FWT phones. You have invested at ur own will, now must endure the result!