pathetic services of tataindicom in delhi


Firstly I'm a networking engineer in the internet security and wireless solution with experience of 17 yrs in IT industry. Now lets start with tataindicom broadband. The parent company VSNL who brought internet to india. Administrator of seamewxx fibre optics. Lets discuss their internet services atleast in delhi. Their backhaul OFC is mainly overhead going from pole to pole . Strangely company like tata will run ofc all overhead from pole to pole. Looks like they were working for some cable operator running internet ;) or their broadband manager is a recruit from the world of cable industry :p. Now my woeful plight. In last 90 days ( i use quickpower 180 plan). I'd a down time of around 40days. Last year my adsl link got down, I called the engineer. He told me tht it would be down for indefinite period as the place where dslam was installed is going to be sealed so they don't have any place to install dslam :D. Same thing happened my adsl link was down for 25 days as they didnt' had place to keep dslam. It seems tata engineers keep their dslam on their shoulders never know when they have to leave the place :D. Now from more than 15 days on my 2mbps connection I'm getting merely 100kbs or so. Speed is pathetic. I send them daily graphs of my speed, response time, packet drops at the gateway. Still they are unable to rectify the problem. Though I'd threathen them to give all the data to TRAI and consumer forum. There is a packet drop of 30% in their ofc. I don't know what kind of stupid technical staff they had recruited. Anyone having emails of higher authority ppl in delhi.



Welcome to to change the ISP. The other gentleman simply got disconnected and some compensation of Rs 5000/= or so. details immaterial. ( after TV b/c in CNN etc )See the sticky posts in this forum.