Rip-off By Tata Indicom/VSNL


My wife and I are British Citizens currently in Bangalore. On the 5th of October I paid Rs. 1516 to Tata Indicom for a Broadband Package (ref: 239258 and application number 1476976). They had previously informed me that the fee for installation would be Rs 1516. I told them I needed the connection by the 12th and they assured me it would not be a problem.On the 10th I called to find out what the progress was and I was informed by Mr Vikas Suksena at Medallions (Tata Indicom contractors) that I would have to pay an additional amount of a few thousand Rupees to get the connection and that I would have to wait a few more weeks as well. I informed them that in light of this new development I was unhappy with the way they were doing business (i.e. quoting one rate and then asking the customer to pay additional amounts, agreeing one date and then changing this after receiving payment) and asked them to cancel my Broadband Request and issue me a refund.On the 11th I received a cheque from VSNL Bangalore - for Rs 1516 but this was an account payee cheque and it was NOT made out to myself (as you would expect) but to themselves - i.e. VSNL Bangalore.I have since called them nearly every other day and keep getting told that they are processing the refund and that a replacement cheque would be issued. It is now over 1 month since in cancelled to connection and we are still awaiting the refund.I cannot believe that a company as big as Tata Indicom is carrying out its business activities in such an unethical manner - and that they are so slow to resolve simple matters - especially when it involves giving back money that they are not legally entitled to.


haha. welcome to India dude ;) But you were wrong in the first place. You should've found out about these stupid companies from friends / collegues or this forum before you ventured out on your own. I had lots of problems with my ISP when I got my connection. But when I went and talked to the top bosses they got my work done quickly, without any hassles. This is how the business in India is. You have to come to terms with it or you will get ripped off all the time.My suggestion, dont talk to these stupid low rank guys. Go and talk to the head of the customer care department or better yet to the head of the accounts dept. Make some Noise. Create a scene in front of other grieving customers in their premises. Only then prolly you will get your refund back - quickly and accurately ;)