Broadband around the world...


It comes down to the almighty dollar unfortunately... The telcos all pay for bandwidth and the less that we use, the more money they make.The problem we have in New Zealand is the monopoly of one company, Telecom. They were a government department until about 15 years ago and the ownership has changed a few times. It is now about 85% owned by other international telco companies like Bell. Because Telecom used to be a government department it still owns all of the main infrastructure right throughout the country. TelstraClear (Australian owned telco) have come to NZ, but only have there own telephone lines and internet services in major industrial areas because they make more money from business... Telstra and various other companies can also wholesale services from Telecom and on-sell them to business and residential customers... This is where we have the problem...Telecom sell their own services on ADSL... Other ISP's (Internet Service Providers) cannot sell this product... There is a second ADSL platform in NZ which Telecom runs called UBS ADSL... This platform is very unreliable, speeds are always slow and it can be very frustrating to use... This platform is used by the other ISP's because it is all that Telecom will make available to them. You can get very cheap plans with unlimited data, but it is just not worth it... I play online games as well and it is certainly no good for that.So when one company has such domination it makes it hard for the others... There would be about 6-8 major ISP's in NZSo I stay with Telecom because the speeds are good and very reliable... I have no choice if I want good internet :( It is just a matter of managing your data cap very carefully...


I hate monopolies. It is because of these monopolies that there is no progress. You mentioned Bell in your post. Is it the same Bell Telecom (UK)?? Because if it is, then it surely sucks a whole lot! My friend in the UK is always complaining about them. Though, they dont have sucky plans but they are very bad at customer service... Can you give me a link to your ISP's website?