Connecting to Sify with Linksys WRT54GL


I've been using Pacenet for a couple of years now, and surprisingly, have been quite happy with it. Today, I decided to try Sify when my cableguy asked me. Just been an hour since I got an account and have already started hating it.I have 3 desktops, 1 cellphone with wifi, a PSP and a laptop all connected to my router (A Linksys WRT54GL running tomato firmware) which dials a PPPOE connection to Pacenet. I wasn't aware that Sify users have to use this trashy proprietary dialer to connect...I've been given a username/password, a private class-A ip address (10.x.x.x), subnet mask and a default gateway. I want to know if I can use my router to dial the connection instead of my windows box. It's obviously not a PPPOE connection so that's out of the question. Selecting the Static option in my router's config only allows me to specify IP/Gateway details.So, short of installing OpenWRT on my router and trying to connect through it, is there any way to use the built-in features of the Linksys router to connect to Sify?Thanks for reading... :)