Did not got the dataone bill till now.


I did not got any bill of dataone till this line was started.It started from augest and our billing cycle is of two mounths,but i got the telephone bill.So i called the helpline,Bsnl has 100 of helpline no's but no one works. So i tryed and tryed and got the line they told that they will look in to this and there looking passed 15 days then agan i call and the told me to write a email th [email protected]. I thougth they do not pek the phones to help customers, they will read the email, by thinking this i wroute a email. As usel nothing happened. At last i want to Syambazar telephone ex, one offer is telling go and meet him another offer is telling meet him, like it heppenes in every gov offices. At last a officer told me to go to another office which is maniktala ex which is 5 km from there so i agan went there.The same thing happenes there also at last after an hour the officer i meet she told my dataone account is not yet anroaled and she told me your dataone is working or not and saggested me to go to another office tommoro morning.So i am thinking of discannacting the line. What will i do anyone facing this same problem,and i what to know the high otharities to cantact with. Because the Kolkata officers are warthless and dont know how to deal with any problem. I heared that dataone is running i loss it is true,i customer service they are giving it can happen.


If you really plan to disconnect use the data one tiil u can and when u get the bill disconnect


Originally posted by [email protected] 27 2005, 09:43 PM
If you really plan to disconnect use the data one tiil u can and when u get the bill disconnect

if you use as mucha sa you want, and opt for disconnect then you may land in trouble, you are luck pathak the bill hasn't come. if you are satisfied with the ISP go ahead with it. otherwise dissconnect and stay as you never had DATAONE you have done your part in procuring the bill why do you want to trap yourself by paying.

reasons for not getting the bill:-- may be they have not locked your connection. so billing meter s still in '0' but your data flow meter s running.