Your Opinion About BSNL BROADBAND


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broadband with 500 megs limit? Scuks.

Thats for the home 250 Users. We home 500 users get 1Gb limit plus free night downlaods from 2-8am. If it really sucked then nobody would have had the connection but the case is inverse. Many people are taking up dataone conenction even though of the limits. They are even ready to wait for a couple of months for the installation

P.S I am in no way defending BSNL nor its plans with have download c®aps. But just giving the present situation.


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from what i know, the only people who take BSNL are the one who do not have airtel in their region or are moderate users... that does not make them a hot broadband player in the market. no customer support. no marketing people to tell you the details of the package. faulty billing system. i am going to rent a place in a locality served by airtel rather than take bsnl broadband when i go back to panchkula early next month. thank you.


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its bcoz of BSNL other providers are not providing unlimited plans(spare airtel)sify had unlimited 48kbps plans ..before BSNL launched


Come on, lets us not compare broadband with a 48 kbps connection, even if its unltd. How much can one download on a 48kbps connection anyway?Other players are not providing unltd because of BSNL? How? It's actually BSNL which has brought broadband to a common man. How many people actually had access or could afford a fast connection before coming of Dataone?Agreed, BSNL has its own problems being a PSU, but they are still leading the market and there are many reasons for that.Airtel/Reliance/Tata do not provide broadband and other services in all the localities of a city. They do it only where they see a profitable market whereas in govt. companies, they are least bothered about profit but making it available to maximum users, even in small towns!Airtel will not launch b'band where there is poor internet penetration. You can very well see it for yourselves. They have launched it only in metros and other states/cities where people can afford to spend more on these things and they have a high internet penetration. More internet penetration means more profit per buck spent on infrastructure!


>>from what i know, the only people who take BSNL are the one who do not have airtel in their regionAbsolutely.Any ISP that gives free downloads starting from 2 AM desperately needs a new think tank. They are only surviving because they are a Govt company that inherited last mile access.No private player would survive for 3 months with such shortsighted policies.The irony is that they have the potential to really dominate the market but no brains to do it with. They need to find out what the market wants and how best they can provide it if they are to have any chance of fulfilling their mandate.Airtel could have started free downloads from midnight to 8 Am to counter BSNLs night offer but they chose to make it unlimited. They don't even charge for the phone.Would BSNL ever waive phone charges to get more BB connections? In the short run they may prosper but in the long run they don't have any chance unless some radical changes take place.


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no customer support. no marketing people to tell you the details of the package. faulty billing system.
It is the greatness of this country!!The freedom of your choice is not restricted,To day you chose Air Tel Tomorrow you can back Reliance or some other..How ever,whatever the fault may be Faulty billing is not the mark of Bsnl..Their Accounting system is more regid than any other company,perhaps it is their regidness most customer don,t like.Even for one rupee payable to the customer they have to refund by cheque and sent it through registered Post. Bsnl is not any body! it is for you and I.Some time Hotel food may be tastier to the homely cooked food by mother,for this sake nobody slight mother's love. :rolleyes: