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Survey is done. Thanks for your responses.
> 1 - what is "in"? (a wearing style, a video-game, some> kind of transport vehicle)>Well the In Thing right now i feel is mid ranged cell phones. everyone who is anyone has a MP3 capable, Coloured screen and Camera equiped cell phone.> 2 - where do young people go and what do they use to> do at night?>Well right now the club culture has reduced a bit but mostly clubbing, For me Karoke Night is fun and generally going for a drive is also nice. The problem right now is that there is certain degree of moral policing going around by the cops so it kind of puts you off from going to clubs which have to close before the party even starts. As for what people use to do was pretty much go for dinner to a nice place or to the local sports club.> 3 - Original slangs in India (and what each one> means):> 4 - what's the young people favorite food, where do> they taste it and how much does it cost? Is there some> typical food that every youth enjoy?>Well right now the coffe cafe have really taken off and is at the top of the list, Mc donalds is also hip and pizza places also are a good place. Also street side stalls are really popular. typically a coffe place a drink would cost around Rs.50, pizza is at Rs100 and bugers are round Rs.30 to 40.> 5 - what do teenagers are allowed or not to do by the> law? Is there some weird prohibition or liberation?>Drinking age is 21 in mumbai and 25 in delhi but the law isnt enforced that much. public show of affection like kissing in public is a no no. there are too many stupid law concieved by old hack politicians to note down. in short the south of the country is a bit more liberal then the north.> 6 - what do young couples use to do togheter? where do> they use to be togheter?>Well mostly movies and cafes. restaraunts are also popular. there are also some places for eg in mumbai it is nariman point and Bandstand. Parks are also a good place at non peak hours> 7 - what's the most popular movie this season? do you> have alternative kinds of movie sessions there? how> many bucks does cost a regular ticket?>Mostly Bollywood movies and Hollywood movie.other types of movies are very very rare. in a theater a movie would cost from Rs.20 to 80. in multi plex the price is from Rs.100 to 200> 8 - what's the most popular song, rythim or> artist/band in India?>Right now the trend is of remixs. old classic or even regular songs are getting a treatment in techno and euro club beats and the public is loving it. the current mega hits are woh lamhe, aap ki kashis, Dus Bahane and ashik Banaya> 9 - what's teens favorite TV show?>cant say, everyone has their own choice but generally the trend for english shows are the same as those that are popular in america. In hindi its hard to say> 10 - What books, mags or newspapers are they reading> there?>cant say> Finally, I need to know about how much do cost:>> . Big Mac - We dont have them here but an equvalent burger is called the maharaja Mac and in think it costs around Rs 50 but not sure.> . Coke can - Rs.15> . Playstation 2 - Rs.11,000 through legal sources> . India national soccer team jersey - we dont have anything like that.:p but a manchester united jersey will set you back a thouand Rs.> . Average wage for young people there in India well with the call center boom it can be estimated at 9000 to 12000.Note: This is coming from a 20 year old Management student from a liberal some what affluent family living in Mumbai (Indians most cosmopolitan city). The rest might have a different account from me.