Mac user needing help getting brodband!

Im getting really desperate.I am a Mac user (powerbook) and i want to get quality broadband service and speed.I live in South India, Kerala, Cochin.Im quite new here and not quite sure how it works. But i have had trouble with Asia-net and im useing a trial basis, unlimited 160mps, at about 5000 rupees. A rip off!!!Basically they dont have clients which they need to install on the computer which is MAC COMPATABLE.Can please please help me out, im getting really annoyed...any help well appreciated.can some one reccomend other companies in Cochin.A wireless connection would be ideal, and i dont mind paying the 5000 rupees for a good fast connection, but i expect alleast 512mps...thanks alot in adavancegroovechampion
you are so screwed dude. there is no support for mac with many log in software. for 512 connection the only reliable provider is Airtel. Then you got BSNL DSL service but those guys are incompetent and don't know how to set up the whole thing on a PC let alone a mac. my suggestion to you is get a second hand pc for about 3000 to 4000 and use it to connect to the net and then connect the MAC to the PC for internet access.


and its kbps and not mps (unless thats a new unit)


Dont know if airtel is available there. if yes, u can buy D-Link G604T wireless adsl router, configure it and rock. have already done it many times.gorav, chennai.


Im a mac user. I used to have a dedicated VSNL line that gave me great speed but cost a bomb. But that was for my film work so it was necessary.I've moved to Sify now, and the speed is pretty decent. They even have a client for mac. You'd have to work with them to activate some settings, but it works and so does BSNL's broadband.I have a Netgear wireless router hooked up to my Sify, so yes I can confirm it all works on a mac =)

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