Bittorrent Clients Reviewed



There is a wide choice of BitTorrent clients around, and as such it can be difficult to choose. Some clients are bloated and slow, others barely have any functionality. Based on looking at the abovementioned clients, the following are my test results:

The absolute no. 1 is… µTorrent. µTorrent is small, fast, clean and really powerful, and it is a breeze to use. It is a big improvement over TorrentStorm, both in speed, stability and features, yet it manages to keep things simple. When I look at what transfer speeds I reach now, I also have the impression that TorrentStorm was holding me back. And it will only get better, it is still in the middle of development! I recommend everyone to use µTorrent.

The runner-up is Rufus. It’s a bit slow, but that need not stop you from using it. It has a nice interface and a great feature set, in particular the web-interface and RSS support are interesting.

Finally, if the ability to preview videos appeals to you, you could consider BitComet. It is quite a decent client with all the functionality that you need.[/b]

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